My Manifesto, By Katherine Mantz

  1. A successful ClassroomI will communicate with each of my students and their parents.  I understand that strong communication is the key to success in a classroom. If i have a good, trusting relationship with my students and their parents, they will feel more involved, consequently their will be a more positive outcome.

    I will be respectful and acknowledge the different cultures in my classroom. It is important for me to show respect to the diversity in my classroom as well as teach it.  I will incorporate the different cultures in my classroom through projects and activities.

    I will accommodate any needs that I see are visible within my classroom. I know that it is important to assess and teach at a level that is understandable for each of my students.

    I promise to always be aware of when my students are struggling. It is my job as a teacher to always observe what goes on in my classroom and understand the needs and struggles of each one of my students.

    I will not always use a traditional way of teaching. I will make my lessons interactive and engaging so that my students want to learn and succeed in learning.

    I will incorporate beneficial technology within my classroom. It is important as a teacher for me to create enhancing opportunities throughout the curriculum, therefore I will have interactive technology in it.

    I promise to avoid translating throughout my classroom. When my students do not understand something in English I will always explain to them in a meaningful and beneficial manner.

    I will always stem prior knowledge in the classroom. I am aware that if my students enhance and incorporate their prior knowledge in the classroom then they will be able to understand the topic better.

    By Katherine Mantz


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