The BTLPT Exam

Recently in our classes we have been discussing the BTLPT test and all the different areas of the test. I am not going to lie, the test is intimidating. Even though we are getting a preview of the test now, all the timed sections are still very scary. Certain sections only give you two minutes to think about what you are going to say in an essay or response. For some two minutes may seem like a while, but when your anxiety is up and you’re very nervous this amount of time may be limiting. While reviewing over the test we also looked over, what things were counted off for. In my opinion in many sections some of the things that were counted off for, I had had addressed in my answers had we not reviewed in class what not to say.

Overall the test takes a little over three hours to complete. This may not seem like such a long time, however when everything you’re doing or saying is being monitored by time the test might seem pretty long. In the past years the BTLPT test has been altered. The old test did not include lesson planning, classroom situations, or even many real-life situations or questions that we as teachers would need to know. The old test was very basic and was not nearly as hard as the new one is today. There is even talk, that teachers who took the old one to become certified might have to come back and take the new one to keep their certification. If I were one of these teachers, I would very much dislike this idea. However, as a future teacher I like this idea. If you come back and take the test and pass it, then you know that you’re trully qualified to be teaching what you are certified in. If not, then maybe its a good thing. It will show you that that standards, and what others expect of us has risen.

For many decades teachers have been under-appreciated by many other professions. They think that just because we don’t get paid very much, and that we deal with children all day that what we do is easy. If that is not the most in-accurate statement, then Im not sure what is. As teachers we have to learn to adapt what we do everyday in the classroom, to each and every student. We need to make sure that we are challenging them, yet they’re learning and retaining the information as well. It is especially harder for those teachers who are teaching students a different lesson. So yes, I do think that we should be held to a higher standard than other teachers. General education only has to take two exams to be certified, being a Bilingual teacher we have to take three. This makes sense, because we are not only teaching our students what they need to get to the next grade, but also another language. We have to teach what the General Ed. teachers teach them, but also make sure that they understand the content of the language.

This is why our new BTLPT test is so much harder, and in my opinion it has a good reason to be! Yes, the test is long and yes the test is intimidating, but if it’s what we need to be certified as awesome well qualified teachers, then I’m glad. With proper practice, and reviewing well over the logistics of the exam if we are qualified like we should be then the test should not be all that difficult. Taking the proper steps to review, and practice some practice questions, may be one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Even after reviewing, the exam should not be easy. However, with well preparation and a good mind set I think everyone in our major should do fine, and become certified to be a Bilingual Teacher in the state of Texas.

For more information on the logisitics of the BTLPT test, here is a link so everyone can start practicing!

You can go to this website, or just go to google and type in BTLPT preparation manual and it will take you to the same place!



Dominique Robles


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