Bilingual Education Timeline (Connected to my Life)


By: Rebecca McKee


3 thoughts on “Bilingual Education Timeline (Connected to my Life)

  1. Rebecca, I loved your video! The pictures really hit home with the idea that these facts are not only facts in history, but that they really did occur long ago when our relatives were living. I like that you used a video as well and I’m curious as to what kind of program you used? As a teacher of the 21st century, it is important to keep up with technology so as to use it as enrichment in the classroom.

  2. Rebecca, I really enjoyed watching your video. I really like the fact that you used real family pictures and I totally enjoyed the song. You were able to find a connection with these pass events and used family facts. It is a good way to memorize these pass history events. What program did you use? As teachers we can also promote the use of technology in the classroom so that that way students will be more engage in learning.

    Lucero Almanza

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