My manifesto, by Dominique Robles

I promise to have high aspirations and goals for all of my students, by learning about what they like and how they learn. At the beginning of the year I am going to pass out a form that asks my students about things that they enjoy, and about what they want to learn.

I promise to be an affective evaluator of myself. It is important that as teachers we also reflect on what and how we are teaching, to make sure that we are teaching to the best of our ability.

As a bilingual teacher I promise to further educate my students in their L1, while also further developing their L2.

I promise to have a student-centered classroom. Therefore, I will use visible learning so my students feel free to share their thoughts and ideas with the class in an open environment.

I promise to be accepting and understanding of the mistakes my students make, and instead use these mistakes to focus on what they need the most help with.

As a teacher I promise to be an active listener and learner. I believe that each year of teaching I will learn something new, and I welcome these new ideas.

I promise to promote student-teacher, and teacher-parent relationships. It is important that we have relationships with both, so that we can openly communicate in order to further their child’s learning.

I promise to implement both self-control strategies, and appropriate behavior in the classroom, by having rules and regulations that the students will follow.

I promise to be a teacher, who is actively involved in teacher organizations, and who is up to date on new teacher laws, regulations, and knowledge. Doing this will provide me with new and advanced research to improve and teach in the classroom.

As a teacher, I promise to make a positive lasting impact on my students. I hope that what they learned, and used in the classroom will be further developed in their own lives outside of the classroom.


Sincerely, Dominique Robles

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi




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