First Day of School Blues

Are you soon to be a teacher, or just hate or fear the first day of school? Well, you’re not alone! I have an awful fear I am going to completely mess up my whole career with the first day of school.

I watched the video, “Advice for Teachers for the First Day of School.” Even though this video was fairly short, I was able to really get a better idea of what I should do with my students the first day of school. Many new teachers fear the first day of school, and this is a great, short, video that can provide you with meaningful advice.

For example, the teacher stated that the goal of the first day of school, is to make your students feel comfortable with you, and each other. It is so important that each child feels comfortable in their learning environment so they do become successful. She also said, get the kids excited for what is in store for them throughout the year, and be excited yourself. If you are excited, and show a lot of positive energy, you will make your kids feels excited about learning and school.

An activity she suggested for the first day of school. was introducing yourself through a powerpoint with pictures about you, your family, or anything else in your life. This is a great way for your students to get to know you, because they will become very nosy and want to know things about you. Showing pictures helps them understand you better and also creates a trusting relationship, which is essential and important in a classroom. They also need to be able to introduce themselves and give a brief description of what they like and about themselves.

Another great activity she suggested was taking them on a tour of the school. Especially if it a new school for them. this is a great way for them to feel more comfortable. You should take them to the gym, cafeteria, or anywhere else they may need to go. It is also a great idea to take them to meet their principals or any other faculty they may come across. All of these are great ways to help you students feel more comfortable and show success.


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