Whole Brain Teaching

Lately I have been very intrigued with the whole brain teaching movement that is slowly taking over K-12 classrooms–sometimes even in college! Whole brain teaching is using different methods in the classroom to reward students, but also keep their attention throughout the day. Whole brain teaching includes seven steps: 1. Class- yes 2. Five classroom […]

My Spanish Immersion Experience

Many people wonder how as a non native spanish speaker I am able to become a bilingual educator. The answer to that question is my spanish immersion experience. I was put into a lottery before first grade, for the first spanish immersion program in San Antonio, at the Alamo Heights school district. Twenty four students […]

Making sense of spelling

I am sure you’ve heard the long-standing theory that American English spelling just doesn’t make sense. Why in the world would “gh” make an /f/ sound?! Why isn’t phone pronounced “puh-hone”? This language of ours might be complicated, but it does actually make sense! The key to making it all come together lies in our […]

Spelling: The Three Eras

Many people may not realize that spelling has changed over the course of time. English language spelling  and pronunciation has not always been the same and has developed and shit many different times throughout the past years. There are three historical periods of English spelling; Old English, Middle English, Modern English. These are the three […]

Abbie Middleton’s Manifesto

I promise to check for understanding not just at the end of my lesson, but throughout the lesson, and in many different ways (group work, think-pair-share, games, etc.) As a bilingual teacher, I promise to encourage the development of a student’s first language, while developing their English as well. I promise to use active learning […]